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2017 Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, Mas Korima Trip

Last week I went down to Urique Mexico to chat with the New Government about the upcoming "Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco" and it's equally important "Corrida de los Cabalitos" Kid's Race. 
 Everything looks good.  The race is set for March 5th 2017 and sign ups for international runners will be available soon via

Here's how the trip went down
First stop Phoenix to meet up with close friends and business partners in Mas Korima Michael and Kimberly Miller
I ate a few Korimalitas ran my ass off an won  the 10km.
(Shameless bragging but that's what blogs are for)

Soon it would be off to Mexico. Next stop Creel
As usual I was warned by friends about the dangers of Mexico and then experienced a very peaceful drive with zero check points along the way. After driving all day we found some guacamole and sotol (Wine) for Kimberly.
Up early  the next morning we went for a jog up into the hills while temps rose from about 30 to 40 degrees. This dog I named KJ (Kimberley Junior) followed us for over 7 miles and was beyond stoked to taste a few Korimalitas.

 Eventually Mas Korima will be making a more dog specific snack  "ANIMO"but for now every dog I have met has really dug our Korimalita Heritage Pinole bites.
We stopped by the divisadero for some gifts and some Gorditas
 I saw the Super Luna While wearing some super Luna Sandals
We stayed at the San Isidro Lodge about 30 kilometers from Urique at the top of the Canyon
Our friend Mario Made us some beautiful Canyon Crafts that we will be selling soon.
Can you say  Lechugilla Margarita
My buddy Tyler fell in love with this Cat  (Frank) last year when it was just kitten. "Good to see you again little kitty.
Up early the next morning joined by Miguel Lara "El Campeon" we went on trot to his home about 6 kilometers away
A few steps into our run out of nowhere came my favorite canyon dog "Sherlock" A few years ago  in Urique I got up to take a leak 3 a.m.  While peeing on a tree this dog came out of the bushes wanting to play.  I spent about 10 minutes playing with him and we have been friends ever since. He is not a young pup and over the years I have probably ran or hiked at least 50 miles with him.
While Michael and I huffed and puffed at the 7'500' plus elevation Miguel glided along effortlessly
Eventually we got to home which he built in part from money he has made racing around Mexico and USA .  There we met with his beautiful wife Maribel (who is also an awesome runner) and his little boy Hector.

Mas Korima Pinole already comes from the Canyons. We use a lot of corn and were trying to find another way we could use a smaller farm such as Miguel Lara's to purchase quality ingredients from a friend.
Chia and Amaranth both grow widely here and are Ingredients in Mas Korima Korimalitas. Hopefully our next batch will come from Miguel's farm.
We then walked over to Miguel's mother's home where this woman was hard at work grinding corn.  This awesome lady runs and finishes  the 50 mile Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco every year, usually faster than most gringos.
It looks like someone was making some Huaraches.
Miguel and his family couldn't have been more kind or inviting and I am thankful for their friendship. 
What a cool afternoon.
We headed back to the lodge where I ad to play with Frank the Cat one last time before leaving.
The final 12 mile drive  down to the bottom of the Urique Canyon, mostly unpaved and steep is always beautiful, always scary and always makes the beer taste extra good when you get down to the bottom.
 Cerveza,  guacamole, chips and chiltepin salsa at Mama Tita's
There I found another cat to share some love with.
Scouting out some land with the Miller's for a a possible Casista?
Miguel Lara staring at the Urique river
That evening I mad most expensive purchase of the trip
The town of Urique does not sell hard alcohol. But if you know where to look you may find some Lechuguilla Mezcal.
Basically local agave based moonshine over 100% proof similar to Tequila with strong smokey bite to it.

The next morning we got up bright an early for a jog 
Morning traffic
 I had brought a couple of soccer balls with me drop off at School 5 miles from town near the church at Guapalina .  A spot on the race course you run to twice. Over the years I have came played  frisbee many times and even had  mini rarajipari
 (Ball Race)
I love these kids and what I look forward to next March even more than the Ultra Marathon is the Caballo Blanco Kids Race.
Over the years this race has grown from about 400 kids to 800 and this year we expect over 1,000.  At this years race each kid (they all run for free) will receive a snack, a T-shirt (courtesy of the 100 Mile Club) a hat or a bandanna.  After the race they will get lunch and cake and hopefully there will be clown to entertain them.
On this trip I saw 4 kids wearing their shirt from last year

Luna Sandals will be providing not only sandals for some of the winners,
We will be giving sandals out to kids who either broke their shoes or didn't have any to begin with.
I am currently collecting discarded race medals and hope to bring at least 1,000 down so that we can give one to every kid.  If you have a few that you don't care about I would love to re purpose them to kid that does.

I am also hoping to collect and buy around 100 deflated soccer or basketballs to give to the local school's

I really hope for this to be an unforgettable event for the kids
(I know it is for me.)

Back to my trip.
This place holds a special spot in my heart. View from the race course.
On the way back I decided to splash around in the river.

Time to meet the new Presidente
No It is not this kid.  I had given this this nino a little twirly gig toy.  He was pretty stoked and promptly joined Kimberly for about 20 games of Tic-Tac-Toe  while we waited for our meeting with the Presidente
(Kimberly won exactly half)
The new administration has a lot work ahead of them to put on this race.  They seem motivated and I am optimistic that they will do a good job.

I am getting sick of typing, i'm running out of time and my proof reading is gonna suck anyway but I'll try and do a little. Not much more happened on this trip so I will post a couple pics and end this post.
It's pretty down here
I picked some Guava's
 Stocked up on wild Chiltepin and Pequin peppers.
 If you want a taste of canyons at home from a company that is doing it's best to give please try

Stuff I use while off the grid.

 We waved good bye to friend Caballo Blanco painted on this mural on our way out of town
Just like that we were gone and after 17 hours of driving we were back in Phoenix

If you are at all interested in running in the race or just going down to watch the kid's event.  It is a life changing experience.  MAKE IT HAPPEN! and if their is anything I can do yo help you, don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. You have a big heart amigo. I love the idea of giving the chavales a medal. How does one go about sending them to you? Ulises