Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Ridgecrest OTHTC 30km Gimpy Sandal dude takes the win.

December already?
I was debating all week whether or not run the Ridgecrest OTHTC
Ridgecrest is kind of on the way to Vegas and their is a very lovely girl I wanted to see who lives there?

I'd be lying if I said my body felt great but after a few frigid  soft sand runs I was close enough.
So with an hour left to register after a few beers on Friday night I signed up for the Sunday morning race.
I was gonna take the Patcave and camp the night before but mom's B-day was next week while I would be in Texas and Saturday was the only time we could get the family together to celebrate. It meant I would have to forgo a little sleep but totally worth it.

Happy B-day Mom 74 Years young.
I love that song

Ridgecrest is a bit of drive and I didn't want to be late so I set my alarm to dental time?
I didn't sleep and was basically up at Midnight.
(old drawing)
On the road before 3 am and because I was thinking and calculated my driving time during higher traffic times I arrived an 1:45 mins early. It' wasn't as cold as prior years this time it was closer to 30 degrees when I reached town.
c'est la vie
I didn't take many pictures but  it was great to see a bunch of familiar faces. The OTHTC draws a really good group of human beings to come run their races

I had gotten second the year before and I thought maybe I could better?
I went out fast and gave it everything I had which ain't as much as it use to be

 but on this day it was good enough to hold on to first place start to finish. in 
I had never won Ridgecrest before twice finishing 3rd in the 50 km and 2nd last year in the 30 km.  They give out some of my favorite awards with a different totem each year.

I didn't spend anytime celebrating I had my lady Sam to go see.  I grabbed my award, thanked the Race director and was in my car on my way to Vegas before the 3rd place runner was even done.
"Hello Darling"
Time to go Bowling?
Sometimes I wear shoes
But I have talked with Luna about making me a bowling sandal.

In case your wondering I once won an award for least improved bowler.
The game I bowled in college I started out with 7 strikes, a handicap was established and I broke 200  a few times that semester.
On this day I could barely walk and didn't even hit 175

Bonus pics from my trip to Vegas.

The next day we decided to go to the Arizona Hot springs.   
Racing was taking it's toll on my body and it was almost comical how much I struggled to hike.  Using trekking poles I could not even maintain a 35 min mile pace.  Sam enjoyed being the superior athlete and was kind enough to stick with her gimpy lover.
Up this later lies some of the best hot springs I have ever been to and maybe a bunch of naked people
Not knowing who was up there we kept our clothes on?
(at least for a little while)
Rejuvenated  from the Hot Spring  with a happy heart. 
Onward to Texas.

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