Monday, December 19, 2016

Ladies day at the Brazos Bend Ultramarathon

It's that time of year again.  
Time to go tickle my buddy Captain Fancy Pants
(Robert Goyen Head of Trail Racing Over Texas)
try not to get eaten by the gators
(Shameless produce placement for my sponsor)
Makes a  great last second X-mas gift.
No matter when you are reading this X-mas is less than a year away.

I am proud member of 

I don't get see my team as often as I would like. Usually I only get to watch their lives unfold via social media  I have a small family and they are the closest thing I have to distant cousins 

Wud up CuZ!
Houston was a little too far for the me to drive the Patcave so this tent would have to do.
Temps in the middle of the night dropped to below freezing.
View from the course,

When I left to Texas I wasn't sure what distance I was gonna run.  I knew because of my gimpy predisposition I should do the 1/2 marathon.  I tend not to make good decisions 
but   If I ran the 100 miler I would get a sweatshirt?

Race morning I was still walking with a limp from the week before.  Everybody knows chicks dig a guy with a limp.... Wait s sec?

I settled on the 1/2 marathon where I would be racing with teammates Jeff Ball,  Tracie Akerheilm
and Lauren Ross.
Coming off a win in a 30 km the prior Sunday. I thought I could hang with Jeff for little for a bit and then see how long i could fend off Tracie, Lauren and the rest of the field.

 The course was about 14 miles and the conditions seemed good. If it wasn't too muddy maybe I could go  sub 1:30
I like to go out fast, in a perfect health world I would set the pace with a 5 min mile.
I hung with Jeff for about 15 steps and then Tracie passed me about 1/2 mile.  I felt slow, my left calf was locked up and my Achilles felt like it my tear if I pressed too early.

It seemed like I wasrunning an 8 min pace and getting slower.
I wasn't that slow was I?
Somewhere around mile 9 I started to feel good and I was able to pick up the pace.  I passed Tracie and tried not to get passed by anyone else.

I was able to sneek on to the podium 4th place but 3rd place dude
13.9 miles  1:28:59
Jeff won the damn thing and Tracie got 2nd female followed by Lauren in third.
Good job TEAM.

Time to around and watch the rest of the races unfold

My friend Jenny had never ran farther than a 10 km and now shes getting one of them 26.2 stickers for her car. 

Fueled by  Mas Korima Korimalitas for breakfast.  My Buddy Michael Miller Scored 1st place place master in the Marathon.  Good job old man!
Making friends
Across from the Mas Korima booth was the Austin Trail Running Company which  happens to be the only store in Texas that sells 
How cool is that?
Hi Maggie, you look 

A lot of people were having great days including my team mate Maggie who was on course record pace for the 100 miler.

Wanna find out more about Maggi, watch this video.
Random Patcave Cameo at the 12;58 mark 

this woman Caroline Boller won the 50 miler in 5:48
Holy crap that is fast and a new woman's world record for trails!!!
I got to pet some gators with my Teammate Dan Bucci
This dude also wore his LUNA SANDALS and was the 2nd hombre to finish the 50 miler.
I saw Santa.  She offered me some coal?
Sorry Santa this dude is Solar powered!
Although my buddy James wasn't able to finish the 100 miler he did go 71 miles, a new distance PR.
That's my teammate Matt running the 100 last year we did a couple laps together.  By not having me slow him down I think he shaved like 4 hours off last years time.
1st place overall and a new
 "Course Record"
Maggie gave it all she had and ran the third fastest time any female has ever run a trail 100 miler.
It was pretty awesome to witness. 

time for me to go to bed.
The night had taken toll on many runners.  I had a bunch friends drop out.  Running 100 Miles is hard  work. 
 This guy did it one leg.
I whine about my Achilles in a 1/2 marathon and this dude finishes 100 miler? 
I am Humbled and inspired
Thank you Robert and Rachel Goyen and all the volunteers for putting on such a top notch event. I met a lot of awesome people and witnessed some truly amazing feats of human endurance. What a great weekend.

You know what my favorite part was?
Spending time with  the Limbaga family before and after the race
Thank you for inviting me into your home
and letting me play with you baby
Congrats once again to Jenny  on her first marathon finish.
Time to get back to the beach

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