Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Operation Jack 1/2 Marathon, and How I Lost My Childhood.

I have been coming to this event since it's inception in 2010.  It's for a good cause and I will keep  coming back and I will keep raising money to combat autism
This year thanks to kindhearted people just like you I raised $670 for the cause and I am very thankful to all my friends who made a donation. Most of it came from one man whom I will keep nameless, If you are readying this 
The starting line for the race is at Dockweiler state beach about 5 miles from my home and parking was $8. 
I don't got no 8 bucks?
 I dug out from the garage last years X-mas present from my sister a $60 fold-able bike that's made for someone about 4 foot 8 inches tall.  It gets speed wobbles going downhill and doesn't have working brakes
 Lucky for me both tires were flat so that meant I wouldn't be going to fast.
I bundled up pretty good. It was a warm 47 degrees and I was able to catch a few Pokemon along the way.
 It was a perfect morning to race along the coast.  I would prefer the race to be on the sand rather than the bike path and I kind of got my wish.  (more on that later)
Not really pertinent but it makes me laugh

I had forgotten how much riding a bike sucks. My ass was sore and I was eager to run.  I got to the starting line about 10 mins before the race began.
"Shit, no time to poop."
(I like the ridiculousness of that statement)
This is my buddy Jake co-founder of the race fellow beach runner and all around good guy

Pre-Race thoughts.
I am going to try and win.  I also try  to win the Mega Millions every once in awhile and the Boston Marathon.(I have yet to succeed at either)   My Achilles is gimpy. My belly is big but I got a little bit of fight in me.  I wasn't really sure what kind of time I could pull off?  If my body would let me I wanted to try and hold around 6 min pace for as long as I could
I guess it's time to run?
I went out hard and took to an early lead.
My opponents trembled in fear. Obviously they were in awe of my awesome speed.

"Man that was great first 100 yards"
Pretty soon I was in third place farting around at a 6 min pace for only about 2 miles.
Coming back from the first turn around point about 4.5 miles in I noticed a guy wearing a
  running shirt.  I am 100 % against the killing of cows for meat. Not only is it cruel and inhumane the system used to produce beef and the waste created from it is destroying are planet faster than just about anything else.

I sure as F#%k was gonna do my best not to let that guy beat me.
100% Vegan
Cruising back past the starting line at Mile 8.4 I grabbed a water bottle mixed with Mas Korima Andale.   It was the only fluid or calories I would take in during the race.
When you see a dude wearing a full fire suit and carrying a tank getting it done. 
You find a way even if your body feels like crap.
Remember earlier when I said I wanted some soft sand, Well I got my wish.  It sure as hell didn't make me faster, in fact it was quite disruptive to any king of rhythm I would get into akin to running through scree or mud on a trail race.  However it did make it interesting 
At the final turn around with about 2.4 miles left I new I couldn't catch first or second, "Beef Guy" had faded (hopefully not from coronary heart disease)  now some other dude was only bout 20 seconds back. I ran  scared making sure not to let up
My lead over fourth grew only to realize later that dude was doing the marathon and still had 13 miles left.
(I probably shaved about 30 seconds off my time because of him)

Another race in the books.
Posing with the race Director after the Race
"Thank you Sam for putting for raising money and awareness for a noble cause."
1:23 3rd place overall out of 202 finishers

Not exactly a really good time and I had to try harder than I wanted to to get it.  
*Epiphany time*
It's one of those things you know? Like when a picture is taken of you and you think "Man I look crap" Then 5 years goes by and you see the same picture and you think "I wish I still looked like that."
So you know what I take it, and be proud on my race.
 check out that award?
A one of kind hand painted piece or art from the one and only
Lillie Belle
Thank you Lillie  I love it!

Time to pedal my ass home.
This bike really blows.  While typing this race report my ass hurts more from the 10 mile bike ride that the 1/2 marathon

I passed a few friends still running along the way.
Good job Jake.
Hey Deo.

As I neared home I realized my bike lock had fallen off.  NOOOOO!!  It 's kind of silly to get pissed off about a small thing like that but this was my original lock I have had since I was a kid.  It's combo was the last 4 numbers of my childhood phone number and it's pretty much the only lock I have ever used.

I had no time to go back. My ass hurt and I really wanted to get off the bike. 
That stupid bike lock was in the back of my mind the rest of the day.
That evening I returned to the beach optimistically  for a 5 mile walk retracing my steps 
It was a beautiful sunset that I otherwise would have missed out on.
I didn't find the bike lock but I did find this shovel.

My last remnants  of childhood was gone!
I guess I'm man now?
At least I never have to ride a bike again
Does this mean I have to buy a suit?

Fuck it 
I am what I am 
(minus the forearms)
Bonus fact:
that may not be a fact
Popeye was a Vegan.
Thank you to the Operation Jack Marathon for donating extra medals from years past to the 2017 Caballo Blanco Kids race


Off to Arizona today for The Across The Years Multi-day Running Event.
I'm not sure what I am going to run yet.

Follow along here if you are bored

still bored you can read a few race reports from years ago.

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