Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beers, Butts and a Babe. Sweeney Does 2016

Packing a year into one blog post makes shit ton of pics
So just scroll down and look at the pretty pictures and maybe read a few words along the way. I assure you it aint F'N Hamlet 

Fast recap of running results
(color coded podium finishes because I'm fancy)

Across the Years Beer Mile 1st Place 
  Conquer our run 5km 1st Place
Jackpot 6hr 2nd place 1st dude
Jackpot Beer mile 1st Place
Fuego y Aqua Beer Mile 1st Place (injured
Fuego y Aqua 100 km DNF(injured)
Antelope canyon 50 km  Finished (Injured)
Copper Canyons 50 miler 2nd Gringo
King of the Hill 10km 2nd Place
Old Man 54 km 1st Place (3way tie) 
Enchant your Soul Beer Mile 1st Place
Red rock Marathon 2nd Place
Red Rock Beer Mile 1st Place
Boston Marathon  Finished
Big Sur Marathon Finished
Bare Burro 5km 1st Place (Naked)
Bryce Canyon Beer Mile 1st Place
Born to run Beer Mile  (did'nt race it)
Born to Run 4 day (shits and giggles)
Nanny Goat 12 hour 9th Place
Glen Eden 5km 1st Place (Naked)
 Grand view 5 km 2nd Place
Western States Hill Climb Top 10
Fairplay Burro race 7th (won money)
Buena Vista Burro race (won money)
Leadville Burro race 
Hope Pass Beer Mile 1st Ever
Sky Drinking Match Play Mile 14,000'+ 1st Place
Leadville Beer Mile 1st place
Leadville 100 Finished (broke ribs at mile 14) Finished
Hideaway Beer Mile 2nd place (broken ribs)
Hideaway 1/2 Marathon 3rd place 
Franklin Mountains 50km DNF
Franklin Moutains 5km 2nd Place
Javelina Beer Mile 2nd Place
Punisher 10 km 1st Place
Man Vs Horse Marathon 1st Place
Red Rock Beer Mile 1st place
Red Rock 1/2 Marathon 2nd Place
Ridgecrest 30km 1st place
Brazozbend 1/2 marathon 4th place 3rd dude
Operation Jack 1/2 marathon 3rd place

I probably forgot a few event but ehh! who cares?
I became part of somthing I am very proud of
It all started in my underwear much like 2017 began
My first and only Cigar of the year doing laps at ATY 2:30 a.m. New Years day post beer mile.
 Limitless posibilities
 41 one shovels found in one run a new world record.
 I won my first 5km of the year
 About to turn 37
 I decided to shave my head on my birthday my first Buzz cut since 2nd grade
I donated my Hair to Wigs for Kids
I think they bleached it and made Eleven's wig?
 3rd place in my first Ultra of the year
Unfortunately the  PatCave could not fit in luggage
I won the Beer Mile and helped raise over $500 for local schools
 I went into the the Fuego Y Agua 100 km  limping and called it quits early
 I also started to win my friends heart :)
 2nd place at the Jackpot 6 hour run in sin city
Threesome? maybe later
 I won another beer mile
 Passing through Zion on the way to antelope Canyon
 Spikeball anyone?
 Slot canyons are fun to race in especially when the bottom is full of soft sand and you can run barefoot
Disc golf in the snow
 Possible Born to Run tattoo?
 Off to Mexico
 The Caballo Blanco Kid's race might be my favorite race of the year.
Ran the Caballo Blanco Ultra marathon for the 5th time.
 I played in the snow on the way home
 Dreaming of warmer weather
 Off to Land of Enchantment.
 2nd place in my first 10 km of the year.
 3 way tie for first at the Old man 54 km
Good times I tell ya!
 Baseball with that girl.
 Pitstop in Jushua tree
1st Place Beer Mile
Snow rain and sunshine all with in 30 minutes
That girl and bonus girl.
I got a new poncho
 I regained my tittle winning the Bare Burro 5km for the 4th time in 5 attempts
 I ran with some kiddos before the Boston Marathon
And got to see some of my favorite people.
I finished my 4th Boston Marathon
I shared experiences with some amazing folks
The Patcave got a new bed just in time to drive up the coast
6 days after Boston I found myself racing the Big Sur Marathon
Off to Vegas I stumbled upon some mountains t Pinnacles National Park.
"Cheers to that"   
and used the sun to my advantage in Death Valley
Go Sun stove
 Vegas happened?
and I ended up with that girl again.
 I won another Beer Mile
I took 2nd in a trail marathon
While running for 4 days
I partied with Mcdougall

Directed and ran a beer Mile
I wore pants for the first pants for the first time this year.
I got a mohawk
From the girl I love.
I got matching tattos with these two knuckleheads
Mas Tacos
and I dated the 6 year old prom queen  but was still not dating my friend yet.
Good times with my Dirtbag family
I took my dress off  and won the Glen Eden 5km
My first race in shoes in about 6 years
I blew my winning streak taking 2nd trying to defend my tittle at the Grand View 5km
 My first trip to Bryce Canyon
 Mybe the most beautiful National Park I have been to if you get away from the crowds

another threesome in the Patcave
 I won a Beer Mile
 Even our mobile homes started to look like they were in love
 Got primal at an alpine lake in Great Basin National Park
 I went up to Western State.  These were My picks to win. I was close I just picked the wrong year.
Let me present to you the 2017 winners
 I ran the hill challenge and had to choose between a water a bottle and a frisbee.
 Paced the Weinerdog to his 10th Westewrn States finish. Unfortunately I broke my right pinky toe pretty badly in the process.
 Hermosa Ironman,
 I went to the nude olympics with this girl and somehow ended up at the grand canyon
 so I got naked
Quick trip to Catalina with the family
I was reborn in the pool at Badwater
Naked golf? sure why not.
Got the Weinerdog to the top of Mt Whitney for his 10 th year in row 
I'm getting old
I'm also getting naked
I ran into some traffic driving out to CO
Moonrise and sunrise
The most beautiful beer I had all year.
I really nees shorts sponsor
FInding my element in the middle of nowheresvile
I won some money Burro racing in Fairplay CO
Did the Can Can at outdoor retailer
I made a new friend in Leadville
Ran the worlds slowest beer mile

IPA's above 12,000 don't go down so fast
But they do make you lose some inhibitions 
I wan a couple bucks with an old friend at Buena Vista
Created the sport of Sky Drinking

International Stone Golf Invatational
World Champion
won and hosted the Leadville Beer Mile for the 4th year in row
The Beer Mile raised over $400 for the local animal shelter
I did'nt win the Leadville 100
Broke my ribs at mile 14 I still finished .  It was long an painful.  To this day my ribs still hurt.
recovering in the forrest
New Pants
No pants
still trying to find my pants.  It's starting to get cold
Finding my element in the forrest
Too much of my elemnt is good thing :)
2nd place Hidaway Beer Mile
Love happens
Life is good
That girl put a safty pin through my ear  after a bit of rum ARRG!
I became the prom queens "God father"
I learned that their wer  mountains in Texas
Glamour shots with the team
After a DNF the day before in the 50km I had enough fight in me to suffer through a 2nd place 5km fnish
Crewed this guy to DNF at the Monster
Quick trip to seattle for a film fest
I ended up at this Alpine lake without a bathing suit
1st place at Man VS horse Marathon
I kept falling in love
Maybe I should invest in a belt?
I kept ending up in beautiful places
Ribs were still jacked up but my zest for life is as strong as ever

I made in a advertisement for one of my favorite products
Use Code "Sweeneydoes" to save some cash
New Business card from Luna Sandals
Walked for charity with the family
The Laker Girls begged to take thier picture with me
I saw the Mistress of the Dark
I played in the desert
The moon came out early during the Javalina Jundred
Happy Halloween
Felling alive
Dia De los Muertos at Skull Rock
Mas Korima Launched
And I won my first race fueled by Korimalitas
I went to Mexico again
Red Rock 1/2 marathon beer mile win
Ridgecrest 30km 1st place
Hot springs with my lady
Spent some time with my Team in Texas
X-mas with the family
I won some art
What a great year
Cheers to an even better

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