Friday, February 10, 2017

Across the Years 2016 Multi-day running event and Underwear Beer Mile.

Yes it is a race.  But racing is over rated.  For me Across the Year is about passing time with friends, sharing stories and collecting a few miles along the way.  At the rate I am going it will take me 40 years to get my 1,000 mile jacket and if that is the case? I'll take it!
Off to Phoenix
The trip started off on high note.  You see I was currently in of longest losing streaks at Super Market claw machines (about six in row) But not this time!  Since then I have hit on three out of 4 tries
I was a little sad not to bring the Patcave because I would be heading to Mexico right after the event Lucky for me my girlfriend Sam owns an awesome Winnie.
I arrived on Wednesday night 12/28/16 I wasn't signed up to race anything but I figured it would probably happen.  I was there more to support Sam who would be running in her first 24 hour event. 
I was also hosting and Underwear Beer Mile on New Years Eve but that was still a few days away.

As luck would have it I found I 48 hour bib for  12/30 and 12/31
 Why I am running?  My legs were jacked up from the 1/2 marathon I raced 3 days earlier.  I was grimacing on the very first mile that was barely under 10 mins.  Yikes
 Pretty soon I got chased down by this girl
What does it take, like 82,000 muscles to frown and only 4 to smile?
Instantly I was energized  doing laps with this chick and I became (Umm)
20,500 times more efficient.
Sam was doing great and eventually left me in the dust.  I didn't want to slow her down and I was proud of her determination.
So i sat and drank beer with these knuckleheads.
A storm rolled in around 7 P.M. 
the course got pretty nasty but Sam kept on trucking.  I went out paced her to a new 50 mile P.R.  as her body began to shut down on itself.

Way to go Sam! I was super proud of efforts.  Lets got to bed 

People were still out their running.  Good job Shacky!
I was still in the race the next day As you can see by prison ankle bracelet.
I spent most of the day snuggling up in the Winnie and hanging out with our our God Daughter Sachi.

Happy New Year
 After a few celebratory smooches,  a walk around the course and about 8 glasses of champagne it was time for the

What are you eating under there? 
"Underwear Beer Mile"
We raised over 30 pairs of new underwear to for some needy people with chilly buns and balls.

My first win of the year, just under 8 mins.
While we partied and then slept dudes like this guy
"The Sultan of Smiles"
Barefoot Alex Ramsey kept on trucking and won the 48 hour race.
"Way to go brother!"

To find out more about Across the Years 
Go Here.


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